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Discomfort at work?

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Need to take the pain out of a task?

We have solutions for comfort and productivity

We provide worksite assessments for a variety of purposes including:

  • To address reports of discomfort, pain & injury
  • To facilitate a return to work following absence
  • For discomfort, pain & injury prevention
  • To provide information to help assist with injury insurance claim cover

Worksite assessment

Worksite assessments address all contributory factors and provide practical advice and detailed recommendations and a full written report is provided.

Worksite assessments take place wherever the jobs are done e.g. in the office, factory, warehouse or on the farm.

For computer workstations we provide two main types of assessments

  1. Individual brief / screening workstation assessments
  2. Individual comprehensive work place assessments
  1. Individual brief / screening workstation assessments

These are assessments of individuals at their workstation to assist with

  • General workstation set-up
  • Working technique training
  • Specific individual problems
  • Provision of best practice advice
  • Identification of any alternative equipment requirements.

We provide

  • Best practice working techniques advice
  • A checklist assessment
  • A written summary report

Each assessment takes approximately 30 minutes.

Suitable for

  • New employees
  • Employees that have moved workstations or roles
  • Employees requesting further assistance following training.
  1. Individual comprehensive work place assessments

These assessments include a comprehensive assessment:

  • Of the individual’s report of discomfort / pain / injury
  • To identify contributing factors of the problem
  • To rule out serious pathology
  • Of the workstation and working techniques

We provide

  • Best practice working techniques advice and best practice discomfort, pain and injury management
  • Advice regarding appropriate referral to other medical providers.
  • Recommendations for the management of the problem within the workplace are communicated to the team leader or manager.
  • A full report is written and provided following the assessment and any necessary follow up carried out.

An assessment takes approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and reporting approximately 1 to 1.5 hours.

Suitable for: Employees reporting discomfort, pain or injury.